In addition to the physical and emotional toll that birth injuries take on the parents and the child, we also realize that the financial strains on the family are also significant.  Our Chicago birth injury lawyers have witnessed the monetary struggle families face when they also have to provide for physical therapy, education and specialized care for the injured child throughout their life.

Recovering compensation for these costs through a birth injury lawsuit may be the only course of action available to families.  Our Chicago personal injury lawyers use their decades of experience to determine whether your physician exercised the proper care during the delivery of your child and can determine the amount of damages that may be owed to you for your losses.

Our Illinois attorneys may be able to file a claim against the medical professional that delivered your baby.  To discover if you could be owed compensation, please fill out our free case review form on this page to contact us today if your child was injured at birth.


Birth Injury Lawsuits and Medical Negligence in Illinois

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Parents of an infant who has suffered from a birth injury may be able to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the medical professional, physician or doctor who delivered the baby. Negligence leading directly to a birth injury is necessary to have a valid claim. The medical community has expected standards of care and if the healthcare professional’s performance falls below this standard, medical negligence occurs.

Our Chicago, IL birth injury lawyers can determine whether your infant was injured due to medical malpractice based on their extensive experience handling such cases. Your child may have a birth injury caused by one or more of the following occurrences:

  • The improper use of forceps during delivery
  • Improper use of the vacuum resulting in severe injuries to both mother and child
  • Hypoxia during childbirth causing serious mental and physical disabilities
  • Misuse of Pitocin
  • A failure to diagnose and treat infections
  • Not referring a high-risk patient to a specialist
  • Neglecting performing specialized tests, communicate problems to doctors, failing to note changes in the fetus’ condition
  • Pre-natal testing insufficient


Determining Whether Your Child Was Injured Because of Medical Malpractice

Our experienced attorneys can help you determine the cause of your child’s birth injury. Our Chicago, IL lawyers can examine medical records to review diagnostic tests, fetal monitoring records, use of tools, delivery and labor flow sheets and review the medical notes on your pregnancy and delivery. Our medical experts work along side our lawyers while reviewing this information to determine whether medical malpractice may have contributed to your child’s birth injury. If the medical expert believes that your physician or doctor did not meet the standards of care, a birth injury lawsuit may be a valid course of action.

Hiring a Chicago Birth Injury Attorney

Our lawyers realize that raising a child with a birth injury is expensive. We seek to decrease the financial burdens placed on families by holding the negligent party accountable for their actions or their omissions. It is important to hire a skilled attorney in the field of medical malpractice and to not hesitate to contact us in Chicago today. There is a statute of limitations in Illinois and you don’t want to miss your window of time to take necessary legal action.

It is important to hire a skilled medical malpractice lawyer due to the complexity of birth injury lawsuits. We have a history of success representing the parents of infants who have been injured during birth and have recovered multi-million dollar verdicts for our clients.

Types of Newborn Birth Injuries

  • Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy Injuries
  • Paralysis of the face
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Fracture in the clavicle
  • Head trauma
  • Brain damage
  • Brachial plexus
  • Klumpkes palsy

In an Illinois Birth Injury Claim, What Can I Recover?

In Illinois, there are various compensations that are available in a birth injury lawsuit including medical expenses (both now and in the future), additional costs from healthcare needs (such as counseling, in-home care, special equipment and transportation, home modifications, occupational therapy), lost wages, pain and suffering, loss from decreased quality of life and loss of companionship. Monetary damages provide compensation for the losses resulting from the medical provider’s negligence and can cover the intangible losses listed above as well as monetary losses.

You may be able to file a claim if your child was injured at birth. Please fill out our free case evaluation form to see how our Chicago birth injury lawyers may be able to assist your family at this difficult time.

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